Saturday, July 24, 2010

Drunken Chicken in Spicy Dark Sauce

I missed the soy poached chicken sold in Singapore : ( so I decided to cook something similar but included an additional spicy punch to the dish. I chose to name my dish drunken chicken because the meat has been cooked in a considerable amount of shaoxing wine and the meat indeed looked kind of ‘drunk’ when soaked in the wine mixture. The other essential ingredients such as ginger, red chillies and dark soy sauce gave the dish its spiciness and colour to the sauce.

The dish tasted quite pleasant but still needs a lot of improvement. It will be wonderful if I could create a stronger pleasing aftertaste in the chicken meat so that it stays in the mouth longer. Perhaps I missed out certain ingredients when the meat was marinated. A few more trial and error ‘experiments’ will probably enhance the dish and hopefully by then, I will have a more precise recipe for this chicken dish. Please stay tuned for further developments! ; )

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