Saturday, August 14, 2010

Korokke (Japanese Potato Croquette)

Korokke is one of my favourite Japanese entrées. The outer crust is slightly crispy with a lovely crunch. The potato filling on the other hand, is warm, moist and a little sweet. Totally love this starter! I have been wondering how to make this nibble, especially making the potato filling moist and sweet. I then remembered one of my friends (Rebecca Lam), once told me that cooking is not that difficult. To cook something which you have tasted before, you just have to recall the taste and ingredients used in that dish. In addition, you will probably require a few ‘trial and error’ attempts but the end result should be quite satisfying. This was how I came up with the recipe.

I tried making korokke twice with different ingredients for the filling. The ingredients for the first attempt were sweet corn, carrots, peas, some cream and milk. For the second attempt, I used sweet corn, carrots, bacon and milk instead. Personally, the korokke from the first attempt was much nicer. It was sweeter and slightly more moist compared to the second attempt.

The best part of this entree is that you only need some salt and pepper to season it lightly. You could also substitute your favourite types of vegetables or meat in the potato filling and adjust the quantity of the ingredients according to your taste. However, do take note that the potato mixture should not be too wet. This will cause the potato mixture to crumble and break apart during frying.

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