Monday, August 23, 2010

Sambal Beef Noodles

I was wondering what to prepare for dinner with the left over beef from last night. I was thinking of doing a noodle stir-fry and happened to see the new jar of sambal sauce sitting in the fridge unopened. I decided to try something new this time round so I stir-fried the noodles with the sambal sauce.

The turn out was only average. Hopefully, there are nicer types of sambal sauces or paste around. This was the Yeo’s brand of sambal sauce and it was rather disappointing (I usually support home brand Singaporean products when residing overseas). I remembered one of my friends back in Singapore (Auntie Cecilia) used to make her own sambal chilli sauce and it was FANTASTIC!!! The homemade sauce was so good that I could even eat it with plain rice and lightly stir-fried vegetables.

This noodle dish works well especially when you have got to get rid of your leftovers. Beef, chicken, pork and even seafood such as prawns and squid go well with sambal. Add some fresh vegetables, eggs and lightly season the stir-fry with soy sauce and pepper. It is easy and quick to prepare.

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